How to customize your Facebook profile photos

Customize facebook profile picture 1

End of 2010, a new home page was proposed to you on Facebook… among the changes, you now have a mini Gallery of 5 photos under your name, first name and other info about you.

If you show that you like on your homepage, without so far erasing all others, remember that you can hide them!

Method: On your home page, click on your name to gain access to your profile, put your mouse on one of the photos, there will appear a small cross at the top right. a menu will appear: hide this picture. Click the pictures you want to hide.

Another method: detaguez the pictures that you do not want that they are displayed on your profile!

Note: Be aware that photos appear in the tagging order, therefore, you can make a sequel which will be original! Take a picture that you will cut into 5 pieces size 99 x 68 pixels each, publish them and tag – you, delete is the tagging on the other photos or hide them and you'll have your original suite! ;-)

2 more examples of custom profiles:

Facebook artpersonnaliser-Nouvelle-page-Profil-Facebook-2

And here is mine (custom speed and without really seeking a stunning photo):

customize profile photos pandoon

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