How to customize the menu "send to" in Windows


When you right click in Explorer, or on the Windows desktop, you have a menu that appears, and in this one, you have the option "send to" which allows you to copy (s) file (s) to another location.

send worms

But that you install software, it is possible that these add you shortcuts in this menu while you nothing asked, that you do not need and that this extension list unnecessarily!

To remove some shortcuts or add other menu send to, here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to your Windows Explorer,
  2. Double click on computer,
  3. Double click on your hard drive (C:),
  4. Double click on Users or users,
  5. Double click on your name or the name of your account,
  6. Double click on AppData,
  7. Double click on Roaming,
  8. Double click on Microsoft
  9. Double click on Windows,
  10. Double click on SendTo.

And now, at this location, you will see the menu shortcuts send worms, you can therefore make cleaning, remove any that you find unnecessary and add other more useful!

Edict of 17/04/2011: Or put in the windows search: %AppData%MicrosoftWindowsSendTo, you will fall directly in the folder.

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