Review / Reviews: Shutter Ball, Bluetooth remote control for photos


It’s always a hassle when you try to take a selfie at arm’s end, let it be all alone (beautiful posing when you guess the arm in the air…) or worse to many when one does not have the arm long enough to cram everyone in the framing. Of course, there is the voice command to trigger the taking of the photo but I find that it does not work at all times, in any case with my Galaxy Note 3, and still remains the problem of holding the phone. Also, when browsing looking for new gadgets I stumbled upon the Shutter Ball, Bluetooth remote control coupled with an application that lets you trigger the camera, I couldn’t have done it without trying it.

Package Contents:


-Instructions for getting started, in English, very simple.

-Small foldable “foot” used as a phone support when taking pictures

-Dust stopper for the Jack of the phone (not understood what it was doing here?)

-The Shutter Ball: Good grip thanks to the flexible handle that allows to not let go, easy to use: only one central button, difficult to be wrong!

Compatible with IOS 6.0 and above, and Android 4.3, 4.0 Bluetooth compatibility required;

Operating Distance: 10 to 30 m.

Autonomy announced: 5 years, but the cr2032 battery can be changed by unscrewing the two parts of the ball in opposite directions if necessary.

Before using it, it is necessary to download the appropriate application: Shutter Panorama.

2014-10-06 22_opt

The application exists on the Google Play just like on the Apple Store, we also talk about the application “SB1” in the leaflet but I have not found it and uses Shutter Panorama.

Then just open the application after connecting the Bluetooth to your phone, click on “PAIR” and press the button of the Shutter Ball. The message “Connected” appears and that’s it, it’s already finished!

Here is the screen that we have when taking the photos with the Shutter Ball:

Screenshot_2014-10-06-22-11 -25 opt

Not a lot of options, pity that one can not take the photos with the original application of the phone, but sufficient:

Photo or film, Flash or not flash, device front or rear, and in the settings one can disconnect the Shutter Ball or close the application.


A small device simple to use but practical, as I felt it to take pictures to several or when it is difficult to hold his phone without risk of dropping it, the Shutter Ball can take over and it is perfect. She does her job, the application dedicated too, the small foot for phone is a little small but it is the only negative I can find, if you are fond of photos with friends and you want to avoid sacrificing someone in the picture to play at Paparazzi, this gadget is for you! ^^


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