Or find similar software and plugins?

similar-twins When looking for a program that does something in particular, characteristic, found generally and directly on Google but in paid version, and sometimes very expensive! (UN) Fortunately, there is not always cracked versions or even trial version (and then the trial version does not even make something decent). The solution? Check that there are no alternatives to this software! And of course, if it's free, it's better! ;-) Thanks alternativeto.net site, you just type the name of the software, and presto, it gets out you a long list of comparable software! And, be it for:  

  And as you can see, they also make for Firefox and Chrome browsers. Very useful to find a discovered on a browser plugin and find it with another similar plugin in each other if it is not compatible with your browser! I don't know how many software and plugins they have in their database, but I must admit it is quite complete! And most importantly, it saves you from searching for hours on Google! Because in addition to listing the names of the software, it also gives you more details such as the license (commercial or not), a short description, the link to download the official link, etc… ! In short, very complete! And it may even be that the alternative is much better than initially found! ;-) Site link: http://alternativeto.net/ for those who are looking only for Linux users alternative software Windowsy, AwesomeCow does the same thing as Alternativeto, but you list only Windows programs to Linux: http://awesomecow.com/

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