How to pay online safely

map-credit-keyboard Buying online becomes a habit increasingly present in our lives, and many french are followers of e-commerce. According to this infographic from a study of the FIFG on the course for the purchase of the french consumer, we can see that the preferred payment method is credit card. Yet, many people are reluctant to transmit their banking data online, for the fear of them stolen. This is still one of the major obstacles to buying over the internet. There are however other means of payments, requiring no disclosure of your personal information, and a few simple gestures to judge whether or not a site is serious.

Use other means of payment

Most merchant sites offer different payment methods possible, which some do not involve giving your banking information. This is the case of Paypal for example, which is the only one to store your personal information, and acts as an intermediary for payment. An alternative more popular, is that of Here you buy a prepaid and rechargeable card in-store, that you can use to pay for both purchases online than in stores which accept it. With this solution, you are not likely to see of fraudulent transactions on your bank account, because the map is not related!

Things to check before buying

Regardless of your payment method, there are points to be checked before making a purchase online when you do not know the merchant site. This is especially true if you decide to all similarly to pay with your credit card. First of all, trust your first impression. If the site does not appear you professional with many errors in the texts and little information, is better not to order! You also find information to contact quickly and easily the seller. You must also include on the site, generally at the bottom of page, legal notice and general conditions of sale with the social seat of the seller. Finally, with regard to the payment itself, check that the pages which are dedicated are secure and encrypted. To do this, you see a padlock icon and the HTTPS protocol in the address bar of your browser. You can also consult our article entitled How to check the reputation of a site.

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