Two mobile applications to monitor your web site

Between cyber-attacks like Sony in December 2014 and computer viruses, security on the web is at the centre of concerns. Protect its data and its website is not always an easy task, but there are various ways to prevent hackers. We will show you two mobile applications that will be useful to manage your web site remotely. Tools-Security-site-web-wordpress

‘Surveillance Mobile from server’ 1 & 1

If you have a dedicated server on to store your data to broadcast them on your website, then the app to monitor your server could be useful. It allows you to manage your dedicated server on your smartphone at any time of the day. You check the availability of services and space is still available on it. With the ‘Monitoring Server Mobile’ application, you will receive notifications as soon as there is the slightest change or problem on your server. You are so informed in real-time for better management and security. The mobile application from 1 & 1 is available on iOS and Android.  

PC Monitor

«PC Monitor» application or also called “Pulseway” will serve you if you want to monitor and control the activity of one or more remote computers. To use this application on your smartphone, it must first download the software “PC Monitor” on your computer. Once this task is completed, you will be able to monitor the operating systems like Windows or Linux on your smartphone or tablet. The information exchanged between your mobile and your computer is encrypted. You thus check the memory used, the State of your hard drives or you also monitor the security of your IP address. With “PC Monitor”, you are notified as soon as there is the slightest problem on your computer. The application could reduce the risk of hacking on your servers and web sites.   If you want to obtain additional information in order to protect your smartphone, go have a look here.

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