Contest alleno1 3 years: one speaker Bluetooth Design to win!


3 rd anniversary of the blog and 5th contest!


I organised a competition in December, allowing you to earn 3 headphones and you were numerous to participate…

This time, I put the cover and I raise a new competition for the 3rd anniversary of the blog, but with a speaker Design kit hands-free Bluetooth, Colorfone STB-2812!


contest-gsm55 accessories

I firstly want to thank Aurélie de GSM55, who has agreed to be our partner on this occasion!

GSM55 is a boutique online since 2008 that offers a large selection of cell phone accessories, ranging from covers of smartphones to the pregnant bluetooth through movies protectors, shells, etc…

And ofcourse, all major cell phone brands are represented: Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Apple, Motorola, LG, Wiko, etc…

Short really is not the choice that is missing in their shop: headphones, microphones, speaker cell phone, batteries, chargers, shells, cards memory, cables, etc…! You'll be spoilt for choice and find your happiness to move on!

In addition, shipping is offered to you, not to mention other advantages that you will have with them: possible return, free service, guaranteed 100%, etc…


To return to the contest, we offers a speaker Bluetooth brand Colorfone model STB-2812, which will allow you to listen to your smartphone, your tablet, your mp3 player or even your PC with your little fingers quietly occupied to something else! Wireless, this speaker is not nor a simple speaker: it also serves kit-hands free! In short, you'll have free hands to do other things while answering your calls with the microphone integrated into the enclosure!

And as if that wasn't enough, this House has a beautiful design, it has retractable speakers with a single touch of a button and can also be used horizontally or vertically thanks to its retractable feet! If it's not beautiful everything…!




Colorfone STB-2812, is:

  • A unique design!
  • Hi-Fi stereo quality sound!
  • Wireless: using Bluetooth with a range of 10 m!
  • Presence of a microphone for use of the kit hands free speaker!
  • Featherweight: wireless and lightweight transportable = no worries!
  • Brushed aluminum: excellent strength + design!
  • 2 configurations: upright or horizontally thanks to its retractable feet!
  • Compatible smartphones, tablets, pc, mp3 player, etc…
  • And finally, a range of… 100 h standby and 20 h in communication!




To participate in this contest, it is ultra simple!

Simply just to comment on this article (say what you want, that you play or you can even write jokes if you want, it's always fun and it will be nicer! ^^)


Contest open to the world!


Contest start: 16 January.

End of the contest on 6 February 23 h 59 and 59 sec.

Draw and results will be published in a summary article once all anniversary competition will be completed.

Good luck to all!


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