Contest alleno1 3 years: A universal battery to 5200 mAh to win!


3 rd anniversary of the blog and 3rd contest!


And I keep on my stride of the contest! New contest for the 3rd anniversary of the blog, but this time, it is a universal battery Fantec 5200 mAh!




I would like to thank, and especially Sophie, who has agreed to be our partner for the anniversary of the blog!

Mobile24, founded in 2010, is an e-shop that has quickly grows in a few years and you offers a large range of mobile accessories, as its name implies, but not only! They also offer a multitude of accessories of accessories for computer, gps, game consoles, portable music players, accessories for Apple hardware (for example iphone battery 5), ink cartridge, etc… More than 65000 items are available!

You'll be spoilt for choice, but in addition, you have the guarantee of the cheapest! If you find cheaper elsewhere, you can obtain a refund!


Turn now in the contest, on offers a universal battery of the Fantec brand, model RBP – 52H! Nowadays, using more and more wireless: pc laptop, smartphone, mp3 player, headphones, headsets, etc… Convenient, but unfortunately also a disadvantage because requires the presence of a battery that is limited in energy. And when I say limited, it is not that a bit, big max is 2-3 days with moderate use…

In short, with this battery, the lucky winner of the competition will have the chance to win, he or she will have what lengthen his use of nomadic devices! And not only a little is it you please, because this battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh! 5200 mAh, for those who have no idea what it looks like, it's reload without problem your smartphone to at least 3 times! You reload this 1 time battery and you can charge more than 3 times your smartphone… Knowing that mp3 players, and other wireless devices have a smaller battery, I let you imagine the number of charging possible…! At this level, this battery, it's even more battery! You have a backup generator in your Pocket!

Large capacity, but in addition, it is universal! You can connect what you want: smartphone, gps, mp3 player, mp4 player, headsets, cameras, etc… And you know what? It is not finished! You can connect to it what you want, but in addition, you can do 2 times at the same time! This wonder is able to charge 2 devices at the same time!





Fantec RBP – 52H, this is:

  • Huge capacity: 5200 mAh!
  • Compact design: light and can be easily be slipped into a Pocket
  • Long life: composed of Lithium, it is capable of doing more than 500 cycles!
  • Universal: With USB ports, you can connect all your devices
  • A load and quick charging! (1 in output!)
  • Dual ports: charging 2 devices at the same time!
  • 4 LEDs which tells you the charge level using minimal energy!
  • Overload protection, discharge and the short circuit!





To participate in this contest, it is ultra simple!

Simply just to comment on this article (say what you want, that you play or you can even write jokes if you want, it's always fun and it will be nicer! ^^)

2nd chance if you likez the Facebook page of our partner (be sure to tell me in comment in this case here)


Contest open to the world!


Contest start: January 9.

End of the contest on January 30, 23 h 59 and 59 sec.

Draw and results will be published in a summary article once all anniversary competition will be completed.

Good luck to all!


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