How to install wordpress locally / on your computer


When you have a site under wordpress and it's online, there are several plugins that allow you to test your theme changes and plugins in "live" while leaving your online site unchanged for your visitors like nkthemswitch and plugin test drive. But performance side, it's not the top because you use 2 profiles: one for you and the changes you've made, and the other for your visitors! In addition, conflicts between the two profiles may arise, especially when you are testing different themes! So it's best to do your tests on a local wordpress, that is, installed on your computer. To do this, you need to install a server locally allowing you to run the php code:

  • Download and install EasyPHP (simple, no need for explanation)
  • Download and install wordpress module
  • The wordpress module is located in C:Program files/EasyPHP/modules if you haven't changed the path (this is where you'll need to add your custom files
  • Start EaysPHP
  • Once launched, you'll have the EasyPHP icon that will appear in the stain bar
  • Click right on it and click Administration, then click Private Space

And here you are in the dashboard of your local wordpress!   To add content, there are several ways:

  1. either you export the content of your site,
  2. or you use a content generator.

  1. To export the content of your site:

  • in the dashboard of your online site, go to Tools – Export – All content
  • you'll have an xml file
  • in the dashboard of your local wordpress: Tools – Importer – Wordpress
  • it will install an importer in the form of a plugin
  • and you just have to upload the xml file

2. For (random) content generators, there are several:

  • In the form of a plugin
  • In xml file form

To find more, just google "Lorem Ipsum"  

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