Test his computer against exploits of web sites

exploit virus

An exploit is a program element that allows execution of an infectious file (virus, worm, Trojan horse, ect… ) on your computer that you can do something about (without your consent). The feat is generally possible when your system and/or software are not days!

(Many people do not make their days updates as they don't see the usefulness since their programs work very well! Except that this isn't because he walks very well that it cannot be improved, and especially that they contain no exploitable vulnerabilities!  )

It is therefore important to always update its operating system (Windows, Linux, etc… ) as well as its software!

The site that I talk about was created by Oraine, it is very well known on the forums of disinfection of PC, is an expert in prevention – protection – disinfection computer!

The site allows test the Gpack feat that launches the Windows Calculator (calc.exe) program known as iexplorer.exe (so in our case and with this site, it is harmless, but on other sites, it may be dangerous!):

  • If your computer is not enough protected, your calculator will launch and there you have interest to protect his computer!
  • If nothing happens, is that your computer is protected (in any case for this kind of exploit, there are other types! You're never 100% safe, know this! )

The site in question:

(Test with different browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, ect…) )

Username: feat

Password: oeL3mEszeZ

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