How to improve CCleaner



This trick allows your CCleaner take charge + 270 software + than expected!

It presents over CCleaner so he is famous!

But for those who don’t know, CCleaner is a lightweight, free software that allows you to clean your computer safely and effectively!

For those who know him, they know also that CCleaner does not support all software, it takes not bad, but a lot of software although they are super known are not!

This trick will be just to add one small file in your CCleaner installation folder (usually C:/Program Files/CCleaner if you have not changed it during installation): Winapp2.ini

By adding this simple file, the programs that are installed on your computer that were previously not supported by CCleaner, will now and will appear with an asterisk * next to their names.

For example, in my home, this has added 24 new applications for cleaning!

And as with all las tips that I share, I checked, no danger when deleting it wrong files, it deletes all the logs of the programmes concerned! :-)

The famous file retrieves on one of my servers to this address. (The server of the author is, at the time or I write this article, saturated by the success that this file!) (I advise you to take the installable version, see the link below)

The file is in C:/Program Files/CCleaner

There is also an installable version, called CCleaner Enhancer: link

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