How to properly uninstall an Android application


When you uninstall an application on Android, the application leaves files in the internal memory of your smartphone or on the microSD card… Already there is limited side memory, if more leaves unnecessary files accumulate, it's going to do…

What you need to know, is that as on any system, whether it's Android, Windows, or other, depending on the software, there are basically 2 types of uninstall: the complete uninstall and uninstall I would say of incomplete.


  • Complete uninstall: uninstalls completely from the machine and removes all program files and all user data (settings and others)
  • Incomplete uninstall: removes the vast majority of the program files but leave the data on the computer for the case or the program will be reinstalled in the future on the machine in question.


On Windows, these are the software, or rather the programmers, who decide whether to leave or not data on the computer. (But you can use a software to uninstall software properly or use enhanced washer)

Android, applications leave users in memory after uninstallation data (in any case, from what I could observe with all apps that I have installed on my Android someday!).

So, I will give you a method to properly uninstall your applications and user data associated with! And in another article, I will give you another method that will allow you to erase the data and files that would be remained despite everything, cleaning app caches and historical, in short, a thorough cleaning!


For the method, it is pretty simple:

  1. Go to your applications list
  2. 'Menu'
  3. "Manage apps"
  4. Tab "All apps"
  5. Select the application you want to uninstall
  6. Click on "Disable" if it is not grayed
  7. Click 'Clear cache' if it is not grayed
  8. Then click "Clear data"
  9. And finally, click on "Uninstall"


And here, in this way, you have deleted the app files, the cache of the app and Android data!

It may be that the application has left other files (for reason X, Y or Z of the developer), to remove them, need you to use another method which will be described in another article, and allows you to win several gigas!


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