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And since I am in my period electronic books (ebooks), especially novels, place in… the list of sites to download free ebooks and in french!



I have already mentioned some of these sites here, but given that the news are a bit scattered… I therefore prefer to group them in a single article.

In addition, it is quite difficult to find good free sites (other than those that offer classic books dating back to Methuselah) who offer anything other than newspapers such as e-books! Newspapers and magazines, it is fine, but personally, I prefer the books and novels (as well as from time to time, the comics)! :-D


Place to list!


Firstly those specialized in novels:

  • The Alexandriz Team: It is an excellent team specializing in scans of french novels (Sci-Fi, fantasy, thriller, ect…). If you want to read a novel in digital format, it's home to search for or request! Their novels are excellent qualities and it must be one of the few teams that will scan the novels in french! In addition, if you visit the forum, you will also have the scans that the community also shares, and it very strongly expands the choices in ebooks in any genre, but also in the BD!
  • EBooks – us .com free: another site specialized in novels, which is actually rather a forum whose members share their scans. There are still a few good references to other forums. After completing the outputs of ebooks that members post, I noticed that it is more often novels water rose, so more for girls, but the rest is also well represented, don't worry!


And then those I would say that they are not specialized, they are books, magazines, newspapers, novels, comic books, ect…:

  • Scribd: site for sharing documents primarily in English, but occasionally found some interesting stuff in french.
  • Google: put the word ebook or scan before the title of the book when searching, or do an advanced search by specifying the document type (such as pdf, epub, doc, txt, etc…) for example)
  • There are also categories ebooks ddl sites, but compared to those presented here, they do not weight! Categories ebooks ddl sites are more specialized side scan of the newspapers and other daily/weekly/monthly magazines.


If you know of others, feel free to share! ;-)

Good reading! ;-)


Edit 10/03/2015: This list of downloads sites is no longer updated for a better list up-to-day and bringing together the various download sites, I invite you to redirect you to this article.

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