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A while ago I presented Downparadise, a very special forum ^^

Today, I present to you a list of board warez as Downparadise who do the same job but in their own way and with their own ajouteurs ^^

(Board = forum and warez pirate content =)

As a reminder and for those who do not know what are the Warez boards, are forums in which members share their links by sharing of downloads like Uploaded, depositfiles, rapidgator and other tenors in hosting, movies, series, games and software, that it must be said, are generally protected by their copyright.

All these forums require registration, but it is free and is done very quickly! (On the other hand, some require a small description of your person).

List of downloads warez forums

  • Downparadise
  • Wawa-mania
  • The Wareziens Bar
  • MaNiaC w4r3z
  • Planet-Ebooks (for ebooks, i.e., e-books, a little in the kind of Ebooks-land except that here, this is a forum) (no longer exists)
  • Planet-Lolo (closed, admin order)
  • FRBoard
  • 4shared
  • Ultim-zone

Enjoy many of your downloads! ;-)

If you know of others, make share in the com's! ;-)


Note: If you do not wish to register for this kind of site, security issue or other, you can apply one of the tricks of: How do I access the sites/forums that require registration ;-)


Edit 10/03/2015: This list of downloads sites is no longer updated for a better list up-to-day and bringing together the various download sites, I invite you to redirect you to this article.

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