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Personally, I made a distinction between warez forums and direct download sites (ddl), but I noticed that many people did not make this distinction, and in a sense it makes sense, these are all 2 areas, places where one can download our files, movies, videos, series, software, ebooks, etc…

Since I had written several different articles, I decided to group everything into one that is this one. Of course, I take the opportunity to update my info, because the world of warez (underground) is a world that changes quickly and continuously, the references of the moment are no longer the next day, or have changed address … It is sometimes very hard to distinguish between real forum/site or copy that tries to steal its visitors or steal identifiers (email, password), hence the fact that this list is relatively small due to the “hidden” environment and that there is little info. (And that I’m not one of them)

On the other hand, I always distinguish between downloading and streaming. To see my list of streaming site, it’s here. As for torrent downloads, this is happening here.

Regarding the list below, be aware that forums usually require to be logged in via an account to be able to see the links, unlike the sites. But the forums have therefore a greater user-friendliness because you can talk and normally you will receive an answer to your question on the file for example. (On some sites too, eh, but I’d say it’s rarer)

Do not hesitate to notify me of errors, missing sites, etc… or share sites that you know but are not part of this list! These sites exist because they share, but also because they are shared! (On the other hand, I will filter anyway because sharing does not mean sharing everything and anything, I will put only sites that from my point of view are worth the detour. For the list of mediocre sites, Google is there, and again, it also filters! )

Download forums

Download sites

Ebook specialists

Streaming sites (live viewing)

Download sites .torrent

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