Tip: How to easily locate the sender of an email?

email Which country is the sender of this email comes from? This is something that happens to arise, whether out of curiosity, that because we want to know which country comes from this customer, to know more or less who we're case, etc… Except that it is not necessarily easy to find location with a simple click! Besides, I've never seen this function implemented in the mailboxes! When we know not, we don't even know if it of possible or not, and even if it is possible, how?  

How to know the source / location of the country of the received email?

  In reality, it is relatively simple! The first thing is to find the source code of the email received. This side, unfortunately, to do a bit of research, for example:

  • On Thunderbird: When an email is open, go to view-> message source Code tab.
  • On Outlook (not apps): when a mail is opened, next to the address of the sender, you have a "Reply" button. Next to it, you have a down arrow to view more options, click on view message source
  • On Gmail, same thing on Outlook, but it says "View original"

  The principle is almost always the same (except for the apps smartphones and tablets, or it does not work): you open the mail, and either you go to display options if you use a program to read your emails, otherwise, it takes a little searching if you check your emails online. In General, we should offer "View message source" or a generic. Attention, not to be confused with the source code of the page! The source code of the page contains much more data and unnecessary in this context concerns the Web page itself, and not specifically the mail!  

  • Once you have show the source code of the email, select all and copy it by doing a right click on your selection and click on "Copy".
  • Then, paste all in the form to this address: http://www.iptrackeronline.com/email-header-analysis.php
  • Once done, click on "Submit header for analysis"
  • And hop, it's done, looking down, you will see the country and even city your shipper!

  Still note that it is not a reliable method in the sense or an ip address changes without worries!

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