How do I know if their email address send spam

If happen you to your friends or colleagues complained to you concerning the sending of advertising mails (so-called spam) from your email address, but that you have not sent your voluntarily, then this trick will allow you to detect when spam are sent to all your contacts and react accordingly.


To detect the sending of spam:

Put in your contacts, email aaaa@aaaa.aa (or any other address, time does not exist and is not likely to exist). This so that when your mail address sends junk e-mail to all your contacts, so including aaaa@aaaa.aa, it did not exist you will receive an error email notifying you that there was an error when sending a any mail to this address.

As such, when you will receive a mail of error for this address and if you yourself have not sent emails to all your contacts, you will know your email address to send spam!

How is it that your address sends spam?

I know that 2 ways:

  • For some reason, the person or the robot has managed to have your email address and your password (like for example the sites asking for your address and your password to see who has blocked you on msn…)
  • Your computer is infected and sending is done when you you connected to your mail account

How y remedy?

  1. Change your password
  2. Install of best protection on your PC: antivirus (I strongly advise Avira Antivir), firewall (I recommend Comodo Firewall), and other possibly… (Spywareblaster, Malwarebyte's anti-malware, Winpatrol) (all are free)
  3. Make a your PC virus scan

NB: Rule of thumb for those who do not know: never install 2 antivirus 2 firewall on a single computer, for the simple reason that if 2 software of the same type are installed, 2 will conflict, will slow down your PC and make it more vulnerable!

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