How to have his avatar on almost all sites


On most sites, and blogs, when you leave a comment, you have an avatar which is randomly generated or is the same for everyone… except that some people have their own avatar!


How do? Registration?


Eh not! All are not registered on the site in question and all sites do not offer to have his own avatar!


Then how?


It's simple: the majority of sites and blogs accept the Gravatar service! Like the cave of Pandoon! ;-)




Gravatar is a site which allows you to bind an avatar to your email address, what makes that all sites that accept Gravatar will display the avatar linked to your email address that you submitted them! Not only is it very easy to use, but in addition it is free!

And subsequently, more need to reconnect to Gravatar or do anything (except when you want to change your avatar or add another email address), when you leave a comment, the avatar will appear automatically (if the site accepts) when you leave your email! In addition, your avatar will also appear in all your old comments!

Access the site: Inscription Gravatar

To register, you simply just insert your email address, you will receive a confirmation email, you connect and you upload your avatar, and thats it! :-)

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