Tips to improve your Android Smartphone battery

Unusual-battery-drain Tom's E you had given various tricks to improve the battery of your iPhone. Now it's my turn, but on Android devices! But you have to know that the tips are substantially the same, although I will add some extra tricks. I'm going to take back a lot of his different points, since he did very well and that I agree with a great majority of his advice and add my opinions, tips and tricks above ^ ^  

1 ° adjust brightness = > I advise you to put it to a minimum, even at least you can read in the dark, you would not burn your eyes! For the outdoors, you just have to put the widget "power management" on your desktop, you can manage the brightness of a click, in addition to Bluetooth, WiFi, etc…
2 ° switch to airplane mode = > GSM networks also consume battery, if you know or don't want to be contacted, like for example at night, put your Android Smartphone in airplane mode!
3 ° lock your Android, as soon as you no longer have the utility: If you have not yet reflex, this decreases the backlight time. CFR 1 °
4 ° prevent your smartphone from heating: the devices are made to operate at their full potential at an ambient temperature. If your appliance becomes hot, remove it from its protection (if you have one) and make it take a little air before reuse or before recharging. Same for games.
5 ° limit, to the maximum, the services of "localization" or the notification "push" = > they (Facebook, Twitter, mails, news, etc…) are always active even when your device is in standby, the less there are, the more you will save the battery.
6 ° before recharging your machine, wait until it goes out of itself: as with all batteries, it is better to wait until the battery is fully discharged before it is charged once a month for calibration. So all the cells in the battery will be reloaded. This allows you to lengthen the lifespan of your battery.
7 ° make sure your applications are always closed = > in your applications, click on "task manager", this will allow you to manage your open applications. Do not use "kill apps", applications that kill applications regularly, as they not only have to stay active to kill other applications (so they also consume resources), but in addition they could alter the stability your Android Smartphone!
8 ° when listening to music, it is preferable to use the "random" function: in fact it saves your battery, because it avoids your machine having to settle for a predefined list and therefore less large demand at the level of its hard disk. = > Personally, I'm not so sure, I think it's kifkif, to test!
9 ° all games (especially 3D games) consume a lot of battery
And I add more:
10 ° use non-animated wallpapers, it's beautiful, but it drains your battery!
11 ° use dark backgrounds, whether it be wallpapers, or reading backgrounds (as in ES File Explorer that allows you to choose the background or even the EPUB reader in HTC).
In 1hours (airplane mode, brightness to minimum, only playback), using the HTC reader for eBooks:
  • with black backgrounds and white writing (night scene): 1% of the battery used
  • with orange background: 5% of the battery used!
  • with white background: 6% of the battery used!

12 ° I advise you not to use the applications that allow you to save your battery! If you have set your phone correctly, the app will just use your battery for nothing! The example above shows that a good setup changes everything, and it is not these applications that will change the Fund of your applications or the desktop of your Smartphone! To find your best energy-efficient profile, there's only one thing to do, test, test and test! 13 ° buy apps without ads, it is proven that these applications use a significant number of percentage of energy in advertising! Or if you're root, use the ads blockers! 14 ° If you can change ROM, I advise you to use the ROMs optimized battery Android-battery-drain-problem    

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