Test / reviews: Batteries external Aukey 30000mAh, 10000mAh and solar panel

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Our portable devices are always moving towards more power, more small also, and unfortunately also to bigger power consumption. This is what happens with our smartphones. And unfortunately, our smartphones are highly used and requested for trivia, but also on more important things. But from using part of the farm for trivia, we find ourselves at the end of battery for the important stuff! When we often encounter cases like this, we're trying at all costs to recharge its battery: we fight on the train to get a seat with a power outlet, same at the restaurant, we beg someone who has an external battery to have some juice, we beg to have a cable, etc… Personally, I walk with a small external battery and a cable in my bag story to counter the possibility of running out of juice: battery PB – N42 10000mAh Aukey. I also have another battery that use me on many occasions without being able to charge: battery Aukey PB – T11 30000mAh. And in winter, I also have a solar panel to recharge the battery of my car: Panel solar 8w of Aukey, PB – P12.    

Aukey PB – N42 10000mAh battery

screenshot_68 The big advantage of this battery, it's that she has a pretty big ability and that it is quite compact. screenshot_69 For information, 10000mAh, basically, it's be able to recharge a smartphone battery about 3 times! And this for a smaller size that a smartphone (must say that they lay more…) and a thickness of about 2 smartphones. Inside pockets without worries. This battery with a capacity of 1000mAh consists of a button ON/OFF/LED, "a microwave incoming port to recharge the battery and 2 ports usb out to recharge your batteries. For the outgoing usb ports, you have a 1 A and the other 2, 1 has. screenshot_70 screenshot_71 screenshot_72 Compact, useful (recharge and lamp), big capacity, it also has a beautiful design with leds indicating the level of charging which are located under the plastic protection and whose light passes through the thanks of microperforation. The most beautiful effect! 4 leds, so an led represents 25% of the rate of the battery charging.   In short, to carry around for short trips!   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/Batterie-Portable-10000mAh-Sortie-Entr%C3%A9e/dp/B01IHMC8C0/


Aukey PB – T11 30000mAh battery

screenshot_76 This external battery is not dedicated to be transported every day, it's a high-capacity battery, 30000mAh, it's about 10 times the smartphone battery! In short, rather dedicated to long-term refills. screenshot_74   This battery is made up of:

  • 1 button ON/OFF/flashlight
  • 1 incoming micro-usb port
  • 1 lightning incoming port
  • 1 USB Quick Charge 3 out
  • 1 5V/2 out usb port, 4 A

screenshot_75 You 2 incoming usb ports to charge with one or another cable that you have, but also 2 and twice as fast, as 30000mAh, it's a lot! On the other hand, I don't understand too why use 2 different ports, they are all in 5V/2A, 4 2… The micro-usb is more common there, 2 micro-usb ports would have been good, even at the level of marketing… Note that a USB – C cable is provided and that it looks from a distance, especially level form and size, to be mistaken for the lightning, and so to use it to charge your devices with usb – c. On the outbound ports, Quick Charge to reduce the cooldown of your compatible devices time by increasing the voltage. Note that the Quick Charge 3 is backward compatible with the Quick load 2 and 1, and perfectly compatible with the devices do not support Quick Charge. In these cases, charging will be simply the maximum speed that your device can support. 2 outgoing ports have AiPower technology. Technology that I had already spoken on another test: Test / reviews: charger 60 W of Aukey, PA – T11, Quick Charge ports USB 3.0 + 6, 15,6 max output on the other hand, on this farm, I find one indicator is not very suitable… The load indicator is located here on the button ON / OFF even: it glows white when it is above 70%, in green when it is between 30 and 70%, and red when it is between 0 and 30%. screenshot_77 During recharging, the led turns off and so no way to know if it is or not. This can depend on the point of view because in a sense this extinction of diode allows not to be bothering the night, but I like having a charge on the battery indicator because all my devices do not have a visible indicator of charging and also turn off their screen. In this case, complete absence of indicator and I so I have to press a button to see if it is charging or not. In addition to this problem, another problem arises with the battery charging level indicator: you have only 3 indicators: from 0 to 30, 30 to 70, and 70-100%. You don't see where the problem? Let's then details:

  • from 0 to 30%, we have therefore 0 to 9 000mAh
  • 30 to 70%, we have therefore 9 000mAh to 21 000mAh
  • from 70 to 100%, we have therefore 21 000 to 30 000mAh

Consider a smartphone to 3 000mAh battery. So in terms of number of reloading gives us:

  • from 0 to 30%: 3 refills
  • 30 to 70%: 4 refills
  • 70-100%: 3 refills

In terms of refills cumulated:  

  • from 0 to 30%: 3 refills
  • 0 to 70%: 7 refills
  • 0 to 100%: 10 refills

In terms of color of the indicator of the rate of filling:

  • Red: 3 refills
  • Green: 7 refills
  • White: 10 refills

So let's recap:

  • White, you can charge 10 times, nickel!
  • Green, oh well, I largely time, still 7! More than half!
  • Red: still 3, alright, I can still do it 2 times and hop I reload!

This is where you follow and count the number of charging (of course depends on the ability of your battery to recharge). But when using it over several days, charge various devices, in short, when you don't have follow-up:

  • White: filled, no worries
  • Green: 2/3, no worries
  • Red: attention is on the end, but there are still 9 000mAh

Now imagine that you use without follow-up and all of a sudden, you must go and know that you may have utility… you press the button on / off, and here, it lights up in green. No worries so you can go by bringing her peace of mind… Except what you did not know, is that although it was green, he was actually at 9 001mAh! And so where you believe it was 2/3 full, it is actually 1/3 full + 1 mAh! Imagine worse now with the Red! 1/3 filled? Well okay, I can still charge my phone 3 times! Except that in reality he was at 10mAh! And so that in the end, the external battery will more reload nothing!   In short, I think that this idea of separating the battery in 3 level is a very bad idea! On the small capacity battery, this is not a problem, usually we know that the last level is just enough (and even in these cases, the led flashes to let know you that it is near the end or not). But on a very big battery, it would have been more interesting to divide in addition to 3-4 charge level! A small battery, it's a backup battery, you keep in your pocket, we recharge our devices in day and when we go home, we charge the external battery. A large capacity battery, it's more dedicated for long trips in the area not electrified, and so it is much more important to know the rate of recharge as accurately as possible!   This is still a very good battery with a big capacity and supporting the Quick Charge 3.   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/Aukey-3-0-%C3%A9nergie-30000-mAh-lightnigh-Thunderbolt/    

Solar Panel 8W for car Aukey PB – P12

screenshot_78 This solar panel is clearly dedicated to recharge the battery of your car. screenshot_82 With a dimension of 33.4 x 18 cm, this solar panel to charge the battery of your car via the cigar. A car battery can be discharged according to different criteria: few kilometers traveled during the trips, high consumption of the lamps and headlights, high consumption heating or airco, gps, devices left plugged into the cigarette lighter plug, etc… screenshot_79 So to avoid electrical failure, this solar panel can help: positioned on one of the sun canopy (elastic straps are present) or glued to the windshield with the 2 double provided suction cups… except with double suction cups, this does not work…! It is one thing to provide double suction cups, but if it does not stick on the plastic of the solar panel, this doesn't help! Too bad. screenshot_80 It's a good thing the elastic straps are well presented and much more effective! Level efficiency, it is difficult to see the impact because depends on the Sun, but also because I lack the equipment to see the intensity that leaves meet in the car battery. But I already tested several solar panels from Aukey, and I have never had any problems on this side here, so I don't think it changes with this model. Note that it is more interesting to use it every day: the power of the solar panel is weak and the output is up to 0.7 A. It is little for this kind of battery, but long-term, it is always saved and therefore reduces the risk of electrical fail!   Link: https://www.amazon.fr/AUKEY-Panneau-Solaire-Prise-Voiture/dp/B01NADXB74/ test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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