Windows antimalware



A small definition to begin:

What is therefore a malware?

Malware is software which aims to harm computer systems, such as for example viruses, Trojans, worms, ect…

Well know since Windows XP, Windows includes natively an antimalware!

This information can be useful when you have malicious software on your computer, but you do not have an up-to-date antivirus for a long time (which are nowadays also antimalware office) and that you do not have access to the internet!

It’s a bit like a spare wheel, it is not active natively and it does that only scan scheduled! And Furthermore, it is set to update once per month via Windows Update!

Therefore, it does not replace a good antivirus with shield in real time + firewall!

To access the antimalware hidden Windows, it’s pretty simple:

  • In the Windows search, type just MRT.exe
  • Click on it and run a full scan

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