Windows 10: Update problem

  dr windows 10 One of the peculiarities of Windows 10 is the update problem! It no longer leaves you the choice of updates: impossible to choose which install, everything installs automatically! Unlike previous versions of Windows where you could choose when and which to install! This is of course a topic of debate, on the one hand you have those who think of Mr and Mrs ToutLeMonde who do not necessarily know about computers and Windows and who lets the computer install everything if it is by default, or of course, does not install anything because no default , the updates were disabled… On the other hand, you have more advanced users, who knew that the updates were published every 2nd Tuesday of each month (except for one exception) and who looked at what was worth installing or not.  

My update problem

In short, no matter the debate, the only thing to remember here is that Windows 10 is supposed to install all updates directly, no problem…. Except that… THIS IS NOT THE CAS OF MY WINDOWS 10 !!!! Not only did Microsoft piss me off by reminding me to upgrade to Windows 10, but if it doesn't keep its promises…! At the limit, that it does not make updates, well, that's a problem, but OK. But don't let him do a check and then tell me that my Windows 10 is up to date in that case!!! And in this case, the debate no longer needs to be seen as the updates are not done! xD On 19/06/2016 (I waited almost the deadline of the free upgrade on one of my pc), in build 10240 (so date of 2015, as can be seen in the following image, it's one of the first version of Windows 10 that came out!!!! Currently, at the time I write, it's just at 10586.218 ), my Windows 10 has the toupe to tell me iabout windows10 build 10240 2015tproblemwindows update not security update's up to date!!! You think I'm not going to let him do it and he has to walk straight with me!   So I'll describe the different steps to fix this update problem.  

How do I check the build-up version of your Windows 10?

To check the version of your Windows 10, you need:

  • Right click on the Start Menu button
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, choose Executerpop-up menu menu demarrer
  • Tap winverrun winver window

And hop, you have the window that appears with the build number.  

How do I check if you're up to date?

Now that you have the version number of your Windows 10, you can find out if you are up to date by comparing with the list of the latest updates released by Microsoft and what they contain, change. Just go to this address: Now you know if you are up to date or not.  

How do I fix the update problem?

There are different types and different causes that can cause updating problems. So I'll try to give you a comprehensive all the methods that can solve the update problem.  

Method 1: Restart

It's the easiest and it can solve some problems, but its efficiency rate is low because usually it's more complicated than that…. Method 1 is simply to restart your pc!  

Method 2: Restart V2

Method 2 is quite similar to Method 1, but it's more selective to restarting Windows Update, it's about restarting the windows update service.

  • Right click on the start menu button
  • to execute
  • Type services.msc
  • Search the Windows update list
  • In the left section, click Restartwindows update services


Method 3: Delete files

Method 3 is an old method because it was already application on Windows Vista, 7 and 8. This involves removing all unnecessary files from Windows update, it's kind of a small reset, don't worry, it doesn't uninstall updates already installed. This is especially useful when your Windows update is blocked when downloading an update.

  • Right click on the start menu button
  • Click Order Prompt (admin)
  • In the command prompt, type net stop wuauserv
  • Press the Entry button on your keyboard
  • Then type net stop bits
  • Press the Entry button on your keyboard
  • Reduce the window to later
  • Open your file explorer
  • From your hard drive, browse to the Windows folder, then to the SoftwareDistribution folder
  • In SoftwareDistribution, select all folders and files and delete them
  • If you have files that can't be deleted, restart your computer and redo all the steps so that all files are deleted
  • Re-open your command prompt
  • Type net start wuauserv, followed by your Input button
  • Type net start bits, followed by your Entry button.
  • Re-check your updates.


Method 4: Repair

Method 4 is to make… trust… Microsoft and use one of their tool:

Check whether this method works or not for you. Personally, in my case, none of the 4 methods worked. Method 4 did detect errors and repaired the files, but despite this repair, it didn't solve my problem….  

Method 5: Third-party software

Windows Update consists of a chain: checking installed updates, checking available system updates, downloading updates and installing. As it is a chain, it is enough that one of the links is defective for the whole process to be caught! Method 5 is to use another channel, another program that will check your updates, download them and install them. This method is not the most recommended since it uses a program external to Microsoft, and therefore if the software is poorly designed, crooked or otherwise, it is your computer that will also be slashed … So instead of installing official updates, you'll install viruses and other crap… For the record, this method has not actually been tested by me because I have not been able to continue to operate the program after installation of the missing components. I will still give you the program in case it can work at home and help you.  


  • Download portableUpdate:
  • Unzip
  • Launch PortUp.exe
  • Click Start to download the missing components
  • Click Search
  • Once the search is complete, click Start again to start downloading and installing any updates you were missing.


Method 6: Media Creation Tool

Method 6 is the longest and the one you're afraid of if you don't know the trick and you've never tried it! But in my case, this is the one that has been most effective in solving the update problem! The trick is to use Microsoft's Media Creation Tool, which allows you to switch to Windows 10 without going through Windows Update, or to download Windows 10 in ISO to put it on a USB stick. No fear to have, I tested it: it's not going to delete your files, it's like the upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. It keeps all your files (provided you score well that you want to keep your files, which is checked by default). Personally this trick allowed me to fix several problems in addition to that of the updates, and unlike the first upgrade where I had problems with graphic drivers, this time it kept the drivers well and I had no problem that I had at first. In short, it was really an update and not a relocation! The Media Creation Tool allows you to update Windows 7, Windows 8 to Windows 10. But in reality, it also makes it possible to make a major update of W10. When installing, it checks all the data and re-inspects the updates! In fact, if you look at the program, it takes longer to search for updates than Windows Update. Note that it only makes major updates. Once back on Windows, you may have some minor updates to reinstall. Personally, there were 3 left, including 2 Flash player (so third-party software), and one for Internet Explorer, and no need to restart!

  • To download Microsoft Creation Media Tool: ( Direct link) or ( Click Download now tool)
  • Throw it
  • Select Pc Upgrade Nowupgrade this pc now
  • Let it do it, it will take time, it's normal
  • Make sure your personal data option is well backed up
  • And start the installation. During installation, you will no longer be able to use the computer and it will restart several times.
  • Theoretically this method should work in almost every case. In any case, for me it worked very well!

  I hope I have been able to help you fix your update problem. And if you ever know of other methods, feel free to tell me in comments!

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