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For all fans of mangas, I recommend a good site informing you of the latest releases of manga and allowing you to read the scans, download directly or watch anime streaming! The scans are also visible in their drive in lige. They follow I don't know how many mangas and […]

Sites of manga and anime free direct download

A little humor ^^ DansTonChat, formerly also, DTC Bashfr, is a website containing a compilation of conversations that make laugh. Many people discuss on IRC, MSN or other (t) CAT, and sometimes they say stuff funny, so funny it would be shame to lose them. And it was on Danstonchat […]

In your cat

2 tips about Windows Recycle Bin: (tips for Vista. For seven, see note at the bottom of the article) 1) avoid deletion of the Windows Recycle Bin. Under Windows Vista was introduced the option "delete" in the context menu (right click) of the Recycle Bin. Its similarity to the option […]

How to avoid deleting the trash and find it

This is a trick that could help you if one day your mouse crashes or that for some reason you no longer have mice, but that you still have your keyboard operational… in this case, that is, without mice, it is rather difficult for you to run a computer… The […]

How to move the mouse with the keyboard

  Edit 09/04/2011: Would seem that the site has closed its doors… I advise you to go look at my list of ebooks sites If you like e-books, then you will be delighted with Ebook – land .net! EBooks – land .net has the slogan: "the pleasure of sharing, break […]

EBooks – land .net