How to move mouse with keyboard?


As the title of the article indicates, it is quite possible to move mouse with keyboard! How do you move your mouse pointer if your mouse is down? Or that you don’t have it for x reasons? Here’s a tip that could help you out!

The trick is to direct your cursor with the keyboard. Not the most practical, but to help out, it’s always better than nothing at all! :-D

The trick doesn’t work with laptops in general. There may be some exceptions. In general, laptops have a more compact keyboard and therefore have no digital keyboard, and therefore no “Num Lock” key.

In addition, laptops have a touchpad that replaces the mouse. Although in practice, half of people with a laptop use a mouse. It’s much more convenient to use instead of the touchpad to direct the mouse pointer.

How to move mouse with keyboard

Hold the “ALT” keys left – “SHIFT” left and “Num Lock/Verr Num” , then release them.

alt shift num lock move mouse with keyboard

N.B.: The key “O” should not be pressed!

Once you’ve made the key combination, a window will appear asking if you want to turn the pointer direction on the mouse. Tap the “ENTRER” button. This is done, you can direct the pointer with the arrows present on the numeric keypad.

mouse key window

To simulate the clicks of the mouse, this is done via the keyboard’s 5 key – the left click of the mouse. For right-click, the key to the left of the right CTRL key must be used. This is the menu button that is so to speak never used except in this case.

keyboard button menu option

To leave the steering, repeat the combination of keys that triggered the mode to get out.

Another note: without ever having set the steering of the pointer to the keyboard, the steering will be super slow … To set this up, you need to double-click the mouse icon down near your clock and put the speed and acceleration to the full. The speed will not be equal to that of your mouse, but it will already be that! :-)

Source: Microsoft

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