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If your Firefox is updated, you will have surely noticed that in the Firefox address bar, the "the http://" has disappeared since a few versions already, I don't know is what version (surely the 6 or 7) saw that now the updates occur regularly and version numbers are connected galore… […]

How to find the "http://" out in Firefox

A while ago I presented Downparadise, a very special forum ^^ Today, I present to you a list of board warez as Downparadise who do the same job but in their own way and with their own ajouteurs ^^ (Board = forum and warez pirate content =) As a reminder […]

List of board Warez

I've already published some lists of quality sites concerning: direct download sites (ddl) warez boards/forums free ebook sites So in order to continue the series, I move today to the list of free and good quality online viewing sites!!! For those who do not know, although I think if you […]

List of free streaming sites

I'll make it short for this article, I'll just give the definition of DDL (and not dll, which is completely another thing!) and the list, the rest is simple to understand! ;-) DDL = Direct Download = direct download links => Files are therefore hosted on servers like MegaUpload, Depositfiles, […]

Some DDL sites