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A while ago I presented Downparadise, a very special forum ^^ Today, I present to you a list of board warez as Downparadise who do the same job but in their own way and with their own ajouteurs ^^ (Board = forum and warez pirate content =) As a reminder […]

List of board Warez

I've already published some lists of quality sites concerning: direct download sites (ddl) warez boards/forums free ebook sites So in order to continue the series, I move today to the list of free and good quality online viewing sites!!! For those who do not know, although I think if you […]

List of free streaming sites

I'll make it short for this article, I'll just give the definition of DDL (and not dll, which is completely another thing!) and the list, the rest is simple to understand! ;-) DDL = Direct Download = direct download links => Files are therefore hosted on servers like MegaUpload, Depositfiles, […]

Some DDL sites

After RESTful software + 30 types of files corrupted, After the site telling you what software to use with such extension for 800 types of extensions, I continue the series with: software that allows you to open more than 80 types of files! No need therefore to install multiple software […]

How to open more than 80 types of files with ...

Today, I present to you a site that will let you know what software you need to open a file with an extension that you don't know. (Reminder/FYI, the extensions of the files are in the form of .xxx as .doc, .zip, .txt, ect…) This site catalog more than 800 […]

How to find the software to install to open a ...

There is already a bit of time, I was telling you about how repair a .avi movie which was incomplete. Corruption of a file making it incomplete and unusable may be due to various causes: virus, network, current cut-off problem, ect… Today, I present to you so software that will […]

How to repair different types of corrupted files with a ...

It is not easy to explain to anyone what is happening on the screen, this is why the alias screenshot catches / screenshots exist. Before Windows Vista, you had to press the Print Screen or print screen to capture and it was automatically sent to your Clipboard. Since Windows Vista, […]

Screenpresso – Screenshot

This trick will allow you to export from a Firefox installed on one computer to another: your Firefox profile, all your bookmarks (Favorites) Firefox in order, all your saved passwords and cookies Firefox, all Firefox plugins that are installed and their respective configurations! And this without download or install new […]

How to export all of its Firefox and Thunderbird data ...

The cave of Pandoon has a new partner:! To celebrate this, we offer you 3-10% coupons to use at home. Gadgetselectroniques, this is: Gadgets galore (spyware and normal) cheap smartphones watches GSM cameras key USB robots, ect… To win one of the Bills, simply leave a comment below this […]

Contest #2: 3 times-10% at

You're on Firefox and you download. In the download window, you click Pause then your connection is cut for X reasons, or when you want to resume the download, you have a nice error message as follows:   Nothing more annoying than to have download a file at 90% and […]

How to resume a download interrupted by pause or break ...

And behold the day J! The cave of Pandoon is pleased to organize its first competition and offer you the opportunity to win this wonderful 8 GB plated gold, the Pico-C GOLD USB! This plated USB gold barely 3 cm and weighs only 6 g! With a capacity of 8 […]

Contest #1: A USB flash drive gold plated to win!

  You use 2 programs at the same time but the sound makes one of them is too strong compared to the other? Example: you watch a movie (or listening to music, whatever) that has a low sound (-> you increase the volume) and at the same time you open […]

How to adjust the sound of different programs