Some DDL sites


I'll make it short for this article, I'll just give the definition of DDL (and not dll, which is completely another thing!) and the list, the rest is simple to understand! ;-)

DDL = Direct Download = direct download links

=> Files are therefore hosted on servers like MegaUpload, Depositfiles, Rapidshare,, hotfile, mediafire, etc…


List of sites of free downloads in bulk:


  • Redlist (a little of everything)
  • Mega – excluded (movies, series and games)
  • Bynik.NET to (films, series, games)
  • Liberty (clone of the late Liberty
  • Megaupload-France (films, series, manga, and reports)
  • Wawacity.Su (a little of everything)
  • (a little of everything, formerly
  • Extreme – in (a little of everything)
  • Mega – films .net (movies)
  • to (than film)
  • Moviz.NET to (than film)
  • Movies – the (than film)
  • Top – the (as series)
  • Cinemazparadise.WS (a little of everything)
  • (a little of everything)
  • (a little of everything)


Good downloads! ;-)


Edit 10/03/2015: This list of downloads sites is no longer updated for a better list up-to-day and bringing together the various download sites, I invite you to redirect you to this article.

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