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My friend and partner Thierry of celebrates 2 years! I therefore ask to pass the good news and it is with joy that I!   Who said anniversary, gifts!   And these gifts are not for him, but for you! These gifts will be won at the end of […]

Anniversary Contest 2 years at Zinfos

Everybody knows Google and its search engine, so you don't have to talk about. Searching for images on Google can be done in 2 ways: directly in the general search engine or directly in Google images… you type a Word, and you usually have the image that corresponds to this […]

How to find a specific image on Google!

When you order online or when you visit a site, it is generally not the reputation of the site in question, not whether it is reliable or not! The Internet is so vast and so site cannot know everything about the site! Apart for the big super sites, the reputation […]

How to check the reputation of a site

  And so when the time came for my 1st article on Android! I don't control not completely Android because it does only a few weeks that I have a smartphone Android (HTC Evo 3D to be precise), but in the as, I'll discover the tricks and apps that I […]

Android: start + a few concepts