How to check the reputation of a site


When you order online or when you visit a site, it is generally not the reputation of the site in question, not whether it is reliable or not! The Internet is so vast and so site cannot know everything about the site!

Apart for the big super sites, the reputation of a site is virtually unknown when you visit for the 1st time!

They are super beautiful, this does not mean that they are reliable, and vice versa!

Then how do I know whether to trust the site and make purchases at home? How do I know if they are serious, that they not send you not malware or spam?


Well to know this, it’s just after the pub page! I give you various solutions:


  • Look on Google by typing the name of the site followed by the word scam or a synonym, and you will directly see its reputation
  • Install the WOT plugin, I had also already spoken in the firefox plugins, but it also exists for Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and are available both on Windows and on Mac and Linux! Example: on WOT
  • Use the Slytee site to perform a search. Addons for firefox, internet explorer and Google Chrome available. Example: on Slytee
  • Or, use Webutation comprising various services such as wot, google and Norton to give you the reputation of the site. Plugin for Firefox available. Example: on webutation


Apart Webutation, on others they are like you and me which note sites and users who say if the site in question is serious or not! And ofcourse, all are free!

Do not hesitate to note the cave of Pandoon! ;-)

And now, with all of the solutions that I gave you, you are trimmed to avoid getting scammed on the net!

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