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And so when the time came for my 1st article on Android!

I don't control not completely Android because it does only a few weeks that I have a smartphone Android (HTC Evo 3D to be precise), but in the as, I'll discover the tricks and apps that I have discovered and which are worth a visit.

To begin with, I think it is useful to explain Android and the various technical terms often seen as root, S-OFF, etc… but which are too often unexplained! I don't know yet if I tell more profoundly, for example how such rooter or such telephone or even how to change ROM, but it is always interesting to know the technical terms.


First of all, Android, what is it?

Very simply put, it's the Windows, or more precisely Linux smartphones! EH Yes, smartphones are mini computers (by size and not by their power!) who also need an operating system (OS), in this case, it's Android. There are others on, but Android is one of the most known for developing by our dear friend and big brother Google!


What does mean Root?

Root is a term that originates from the Linux OS, it does mean wholesale have all human systems. As root, you can change at will and in depth your smartphone! Apart few exceptions, all smartphones must be rooter to be… as root… Why? Simply because you may damage your smart phone when you mishandling as root! Indeed, generally, phone manufacturers or operator you sigale that you lose your warranty if you rootez your phone.

The term unroot ofcourse means the opposite of root.


What is a rom?

There are 3 types of Roma:

  • Roma operators: for example, you purchased your Samsung SII SFR, you lesapplis SFR installed inside the logo sfr on startup etc…
  • Roma stock: this are Roma official Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc… These roms contain so no logos or applications operators but those of manufacturers.
  • Roma customs: the customs (customized) Roma are Roma created by developers who spend lot of time to optimise the performance of your phone, such as the management of self-government, design, speed etc… In general, the Roma customs are much more successful than Roma stock and bring new features. These roms are not official.


What S it and S-OFF mean?

On Android, manufacturers have implemented a safety to update the phone with a rom that is not official. This system is called Secuflag. When the Secuflag security is in place it is a phone S-On; in this case your smartphone is blocked to any update not authorized by the manufacturer. This security established in the memory of the smartphone is circumvented by changing the Hboot by a special procedure. One speaks then S-Off phone.


What is Hboot?

The Hboot is software that manages the startup of your smartphone.


What is XDA?

XDA is a site. But it is more its forum that is known. This is a forum for developers for Android smartphones and windows mobile. Virtually all the hacks, Roma and other hacks are found there.


What is Cyanogenmod?

Cyanogenmod is a fairly known the tweakers Android rom.


And now that ends this article on Android! Some tips are already in preparation! ;-)


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