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I finally spent the cap! After much hesitation, I finally roote my smartphone HTC Evo 3D! And I will now give you my experience and my advice if you decide to spend the cap!   (To understand this article, need you know the android vocabulary.)   Why I hesitated? Simply […]

The rootage and change of Roma of a smartphone Android ...

When you don't know it but you want to find a new wallpaper, the first thing you do is search on Google images. But we realize soon enough that not only do images rarely correspond to what we were looking for, that the images /photos are not beautiful, too small […]

TOP 7 best wallpapers sites

    Microsoft updates its products like Windows and Office the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Sometimes, there are 2, 5 and even a few times, there are record as 10-12 patch updates! It's good to make the updates for the PC, it's more secure! Except that each update, the […]

How to deep clean the updates of Windows 7