TOP 7 best wallpapers sites

When you don’t know it but you want to find a new wallpaper, the first thing you do is search on Google images. But we realize soon enough that not only do images rarely correspond to what we were looking for, that the images /photos are not beautiful, too small or even bad qualities!

For those who know it, they know that there are thousands of sites offering their wallpapers, but they still have to sort it out!

That’s why I offer you my TOP 7 of the best sites offering millions of free wallpapers, enough to find its happiness to everyone’s taste:

1. Wallhaven

1.5 million high quality screen wallpapers, keyword and color search available, random function available and presence of a category of the best wallpapers per period! You can also register to bookmark your favorite wallpapers!


2. Wallpaperstop

Nearly 2 million available wallpapers sorted by categories.


3. Hebus

From the name of the troll of the comic strip Lanfeust, this site offers you nearly 230 000 wallpapers! Search, Favorites, the most popular, the novelties, etc… are available.


4. Nexus desktop

15 categories, over 800 000 wallpapers and over 350 million downloads!


5. Wallpaperswide

Nearly 50 000 wallpapers, sorted by categories, latest wallpapers and top list available, filters by resolution and depending on your screen, etc…


6. Socwall

18 categories, but a pity that there is no section of top wallpapers.


7. HDwallpapers

11 categories offering screen backgrounds up to a definition of 1600×1200! No top. (Thanks to Tom Toms E Tom)


How about you? What are your favorite sites where you download your wallpapers?

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