How to deep clean the updates of Windows 7




Microsoft updates its products like Windows and Office the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Sometimes, there are 2, 5 and even a few times, there are record as 10-12 patch updates!

It’s good to make the updates for the PC, it’s more secure! Except that each update, the PC is increasing more and more and installs every time unnecessary files that it keeps in memory for nothing!

And when I say that it is used for anything, it is that it serves to nothing, even not in case of problems! (Must be said that all those who have had problems with a mise à jour where their computer would simply more start, ben they had to format purely and simply their computer, not having any other solutions!)

Thoroughly clean the unnecessary files from the updates (CCleaner does not clean up everything):


For Windows 7 Service Pack SP 1:

  • Start menu
  • Programs
  • Accessories
  • Right click on command prompt
  • Click on run as administrator
  • Type dism/online/cleanup-image /spsuperseded (there is a space before each / and no space after)

And presto, you’ll have nearly 3 GB that will be cleaned! Attention on the other hand, once the cleaning is done, you cannot uninstall the update! But as I said above, if you ever have a problem, there are chances that you do not even have the possibility to uninstall… but for safety, made this manipulation at least some days after you have installed the Service Pack of Windows, to see that he has no problem.


For the other patches of up-to-day monthly:

  • Go to your Windows Explorer
  • Open your hard drive C:
  • Windows folder
  • Folder SoftwareDistribution
  • Download folder
  • In, select all the files and folder (these are all files with letters and figures put no matter how)
  • Right click, delete
  • Empty your Recycle Bin

And voila! These files can be deleted without any fear, they are completely worthless!

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