Monthly Archives: March 2014

If you follow me regularly, you probably know that I'm looking for a Pearl in the subject of a cable to connect its smartphone to a computer… It is to be practical, lightweight, transportable, solid, etc… In short, a cable that you can take anywhere! And recently, I am doing […]

Review / Test: battery external Juiceful 3 in 1

When you buy a new computer, depending on the model, some have no Bluetooth module… Which is a shame, because it is something that is becoming more and more common: helmets, headsets, mice, watches, smartphones, tablets, printers, etc… use more and more Bluetooth! I am thinking especially smartphones, which even […]

Review / Test: key USB Bluetooth 4.0 DG40 Avantree

A little trick to replace a key of one keyboard with another. What good is that? Well it depends on the situation … April 1st is coming soon, I'll let you imagine the scene… But in addition to the fact that you can change one key from one keyboard to […]

How do I replace one key with another key?

Write on a tablet or smartphone touchscreen keyboard is not always the easiest thing in the world, find accents, make sure the automatic corrector does not change our words… and personally I'd rather press the keys of a keyboard physical (I like the sound it makes) And that is why […]

Review / Test: Perixx Periduo-801 bluetooth keyboard