How do I replace one key with another key?

Razer-Tron-keyboard A little trick to replace a key of one keyboard with another. What good is that? Well it depends on the situation … April 1st is coming soon, I'll let you imagine the scene… But in addition to the fact that you can change one key from one keyboard to another for a joke, you can also use it to replace a faulty key (for example on a laptop), or to replace one key with another because it is closer and it bothers you that there is no keyboard with one or more keys very special in this place! To replace one key with another, there are two solutions:

  • The registry: complicated
  • Software that will take care of everything: easy

  The registry base, I do not explain, it is complicated and like any manipulation in it carries risks … Even more so if it's several keys to change! So I will quickly introduce you to a software that will take care of everything, it is called: SharpKeys

  Once you've launched it, you'll see a 2-column table: The left column is where you choose the key to change and the right column, the one to which your modified key will match. Sharpkeys Once you've made your choice, click OK. Choose your other choices if you need them. Once all your required changes have been re-entered, click "Write to Registry." Restart the computer and it's good!   On the other hand, namely, sharpKeys does not allow to replace a key with a combination of key, pity …

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