Review / Test: Perixx Periduo-801 bluetooth keyboard


Write on a tablet or smartphone touchscreen keyboard is not always the easiest thing in the world, find accents, make sure the automatic corrector does not change our words… and personally I’d rather press the keys of a keyboard physical (I like the sound it makes)

And that is why today ‘ today I present to you the Regan Periduo 801 bluetooth keyboard.


It offers 2 functions, which can be separated:

-Bluetooth keyboard

-Cover for Ipad Mini

Keyboard Regan periduo 801

1 ° the bluetooth keyboard:

The writing is very nice on this keyboard, much more than write with the virtual keyboard. It’s a keyboard type QWERTY but with a notorious feature, the position of the letter “M” is not near the “L” but on the last row next to the “N” => as on QWERTY keyboards. The manufacturer contacted me and reported that the aim of the “M” square is due to the fact that they wanted in a 1st time keep the keyboard to the size of the product from Apple and are currently looking to change it in their next keyboard. But it is the only drawback I’ve found. For the rest, the keyboard has keys to change the music, increase the volume or even again, return to the home menu! So with all of this you can easily control the Tablet remotely.

For what is the connection between the keyboard and the unit, it is done via bluetooth with the 3.0 standard. Recognition between my Ipod touch 5g and the keyboard is done without problem however a first generation Ipad or Ipod touch 4g do not recognize the keyboard. It will be usable with devices featuring the 7 IOS from Apple, that is to say the latest generation.  Once connection has a theoretical range of 10 m. By testing I was not further than 5 m, because after I knew more read what I wrote, but everything was still quickly displayed on my Ipod.

The autonomy of the keyboard is high, if we do not forget to put it off once it has more utility. On the other hand, it cannot be used once in charge.



2 ° the cover for Ipad Mini:

The outside of the cover is made of a kind of plastic anti-slip rubber with the 4 corners, reinforcements to protect the Ipad in case of fall. The closure of the cover is done using a magnetic, simple and effective fixation.

The keyboard will come him settle on a magnetic part, which will keep it in place during transport.

The cover can be folded back to form with the keyboard an angle of approx. 40 °, which is nice for writing.




With an Ipad safely and a nice keyboard to use, this is a product that has what us fill. Besides that all is not much heavier to wear than one Ipad.

Very satisfied of occurs, for my 1st bluetooth keyboard, I conquered!

You can find it here:


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