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If you follow me regularly, you probably know that I'm looking for a Pearl in the subject of a cable to connect its smartphone to a computer… It is to be practical, lightweight, transportable, solid, etc… In short, a cable that you can take anywhere! And recently, I am doing a small discovery: a key holder of the mark Juiceful 3 in 1: data cable, battery and USB!

Is this finally the desired object? Because of its concept, it is close in any case!

Keychain KR800

Place the test!

1. Design

At the level of design, this key holder looks like a lighter Zippo black matte plastic. I was very surprised by its coating which is very soft and its resistance to the claws! Slightly larger than a USB classic and 2 times wider, its dimensions are 71 x 31 x 12 mm

usb key

2. Weight

Ultra-light, it is hardly if one feels the 40g in his pocket!


3. Key fob

The clip between the key and the key usb 3 1 is a sort of mini carabiner, classic, but well thought, because they have not made the mistake of putting a simple ring, which would be very annoying because this kind of door-key utility needs to be detached from the keychain!


4. The data cable

The cable, which serves as a link between the smartphone and the computer is unfortunately not very long, about 5-7 cm… A mechanism to lengthen the cable would have been excellent! At the level of the cable, it is not a cylindrical cable, but a cuboid to give it a twist of almost 180 °, which allows to have good flexibility.


5. The battery

With a capacity of 1000mAh, it recharges 1h30min. She is Li-Polymer, a 5V 500mA input and 5v 500mA output. What are the characteristics of a battery I would say classical. Input and 1 output would have been welcomed, especially as the keychain version Apple devices defaults to 1 has… Rechargeable more or less 500 times as all batteries.

The charging is performed automatically once it is connected to the computer. It flashes blue when she is in charge and become fixed when it is full. For recharging of the smartphone, a long press on the button to activate charging and the rest blue LED fixed the cooldown.

The 1000mAh will allow you to recharge your smartphone at about half its battery (depends of course on the capacity of the internal battery from your smartphone).


6. The USB stick

The capacity of the USB flash drive is of 16 gigas, which is not bad at all! A simple press on the button allows to switch between charging to usb key mode, and in this case, the LED flashes in blue and green. Only flaw, the plastic surrounding the usb head, which in some cases can not adapt to the pc, I think especially laptops and the rear sides of the towers of computers.


7. The protections

The key holder is designed to be protected from the courts-circuit of the overload, the discharge and the overcurrent. The functions that I have not tested.

On the other hand, I tested a situation that could happen: imagine that a key supported unfortunately for 3 sec and active charging… TAC, the blue LED lights up and the battery believes reload a device… How long can last the battery in this case there? Response to the next episode!



A keychain excellent who will follow me everywhere now, replacing my cables, my battery and my usb key! Can find defects, but in the light of the price it currently is (23euros 99), can largely ignore the flaws because it is 3 in 1, but price also! (Its price is equivalent to a single 16 gigas USB!)

Weaknesses (history of dreaming, and who knows, maybe in the future, these flaws will be deleted!):

  • A little short cable
  • Usb key non-OTG: could not therefore directly connect the USB stick to its smartphone
  • The amperage of output: 500mA, it is classical in the low-end, 1 battery has would have been welcome, this allows a faster recharge of the smartphone
  • The input amperage: it also 500mA, less important, but too bad, because it takes 1.5 h charging…


In short, it is not perfect, but it is close, especially at this price!

In addition, there are different versions: lite version without USB drive (2 in 1), lite version and 3 in 1 for devices Apple Lightning and version 3 in 1 for devices Apple 30 pins.


Link where you can find this product:


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