Daily Archives: 1 April 2015

When I got fans who have code-named CL-120-B and CS-120-R from Alseye, I was somewhat surprised because their pale reminded me of another tested model recently… After checking, it turns out that these 2 fans illuminated by LEDs are variants of CS-120, which is the copy of the tested here […]

Review / Test: Casefan Alseye CL-120-B, CS-120-R

Here is the test of 3 fans newly released at Alseye. As its name implies, Alseye is a specialist for many years in the manufacture of elements for optimum cooling for your computer. Better known as OEM, it recently decided to release its products under its own brand. 3 fans […]

Review / Test: Casefan Alseye S-120, S-90, S-80

If you want a little refresh inside his computer, we notice quickly is rubbed to 2 concerns (when not available square): the number of connection at the motherboard level and control the speed of the fans. For the first concerns, there are several solutions: change the motherboard (a bit extreme […]

Review / Test: Alseye fan controller ╬▒ – 100 H