Review / Test: Casefan Alseye S-120, S-90, S-80

test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-1 Here is the test of 3 fans newly released at Alseye. alseye-cooling As its name implies, Alseye is a specialist for many years in the manufacture of elements for optimum cooling for your computer. Better known as OEM, it recently decided to release its products under its own brand. 3 fans I'll test call S – 120, S-90 and S-80.

  • S-120: 120 mm fan
  • S-90: 92 mm fan
  • S-90: 80 mm fan

Their particularity? Their silence, and I suppose that the S designation is for Silent. alseye-s-120-90-80 N.B.: for the S – 90 and S – 120 packaging, has a black ink cartridge printing has been spilled on it. Personally, I don't trust the packaging, but the content, but however that these are copies of tests I received and Alseye informed me that those that are distributed are much prettier! From what I can see, is that these are versions limited speed of the CL – 120 (the CL – 120 being the LED version of the CS-120, which is a copy of the Susurro fan) to reduce the noise of a fan, there is no miracle must reduce their speed. Slower = less turbulence = less noise (usually). Moreover, you can see pretty quickly with this summary table.  

Comparative table of characteristics

120 x 120 x 25 mm
120 x 120 x 25 mm
92 x 92 x 25 mm
80 x 80 x 25 mm
Rotation speed
1800 ± 10% RPM
1200 ± 10% RPM
1500 ± 10% RPM
2000 ± 10% RPM
Air flow
96.6 CFM
68.4 CFM
21.98 CFM
28.35 CFM
Sound level
24.7 dBA (Max)
20.46 dBA (Max)
21.3 dBA (Max)
26.37 dBA (Max)
4.2 W (5, 4W Max)
2.04 W
2.52 W
3.12 W
135 g
130 g
98 g
80 g
3 pins
3 pins
3 pins
3 pins

  As noted quite quickly, as the size decreases, the speed increases, and this in order to keep a bondebit of air. Unfortunately, sound noise also increases. And the fact most important rotation, consumption, also! First of all, you should know that they are based on the CS-120, if I'm not mistaken, however it has not been designed at the base for the silence, but only for performance and 120 mm (1 released and available at the moment). Let's start with the S-80: 26 decibels for 28 cfm, with a consumption of 3 watts. Well unfortunately, it is not what I call a quiet fan! Flow is more correct, but it is silence that it failed… For the S-90, it is already better! I would say that it is acceptable 21.98 cfm with 21 decibels is more than correct. On the other hand, for the S-120, then on hand in any other category! It is ranked among the best silent fans! 68 cfm for only 20 decibels is a sacred feat! alseye-casefan-s-120-92-80

  • The S80 is available in white/grey at the moment. The cable is grey, non-wired. 4 screws not colorized, so metal grey. 4 screws vibration.
  • The S90, in black/grey, grey non-sheathed cable, but 4 painted in black + 4 screw anti – supplied vibration.
  • The S120 has the same composition as the S90.

  So what is it? These are high-performance fans, ca there is not to say, 68.4 CFM for a 120, this is a very good fan. But combined with a hull silicone ear + 4 screws anti-vibration silicone, it is practically the top of the top in the muffler. Unfortunately, S-90 and S-80 fans are worse… The S-90 passes very well, but the S-80 is dropped for me. We can explain it by the fact that a flying mini-crabe can 'fly', but not without making a noise ^^ brief, for those looking for quiet fans while having very good rates, I advise them strongly S-120 and S-90. The S-80 also has a very good flow, but is not classified as mufflers. By against, for those seeking only the performance (with a still well low noise level), I advise them the CS-120. And for those wanting a powerful fan to enlightened design, the CL-120! Link for the S-120: link for the S-90: link for the S-80: for the other products of Alseye: http : // test-Avis-appreciation-critique-review-2

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