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No need to describe Youtube, everyone knows! Personally, there are 2 things that annoy me on youtube: AutoPlay videos directly when you click on the link of a video and in some cases, automatic playback of the other videos on the same topic / subject (or not, eh…) (Succession of […]

Plugins Firefox to pause Youtube

Today, we look more in addition to films on our screens: television, computer, laptop pc, Tablet, smartphone,… As before, it looked more often watching films at the cinema. Grace (or cause, depending on point of view) to the Internet and technology, watch a movie on a screen is very convenient. […]

Review / Test: Smartphone projector

A friend once told me that he had bought a bunch of 64giga USB sticks for a handful of euros… Thinking of getting a good deal, he quickly disillusioned because he noticed that these famous USB keys had a serious problem: they were losing data! A big deal for a […]

How do I check the actual capacity of a USB ...

Overlay pop-ups are mini-windows that appear in the middle of your web browser when you visit certain sites and invite you for example to "like" them on Facebook or subscribe to their newsletters… These are pop-ups that appear without being solicited by the user. They can appear at the beginning […]

How to make overlay pop-ups disappear?

There are many kind of screen protection and they all have the same role to play: prevent our screen get scratched in our pockets or purse.  To do this, they exist in different materials: gel, a kind of plastic to apply but also of tempered glass. We will focus here […]

Review / Test: glass screen Protection tempered for Nokia Lumia ...

When I got fans who have code-named CL-120-B and CS-120-R from Alseye, I was somewhat surprised because their pale reminded me of another tested model recently… After checking, it turns out that these 2 fans illuminated by LEDs are variants of CS-120, which is the copy of the tested here […]

Review / Test: Casefan Alseye CL-120-B, CS-120-R

Here is the test of 3 fans newly released at Alseye. As its name implies, Alseye is a specialist for many years in the manufacture of elements for optimum cooling for your computer. Better known as OEM, it recently decided to release its products under its own brand. 3 fans […]

Review / Test: Casefan Alseye S-120, S-90, S-80

If you want a little refresh inside his computer, we notice quickly is rubbed to 2 concerns (when not available square): the number of connection at the motherboard level and control the speed of the fans. For the first concerns, there are several solutions: change the motherboard (a bit extreme […]

Review / Test: Alseye fan controller α – 100 H