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  I had tested it y some time a support for headphones, this time in the round from Silverstone Stand Earphone, the EB101! The characteristics of the Stand EBA01 of Silverstone Earphone: Design Material: Aluminium Solid base of 2cm in height Dimensions: 150mm x 280mm x 220mm Net weight: 1.48 […]

Review / Test: support for headphones Silverstone EBA01

This is the fashion of the moment of connected objects, including fitness activity bracelets aka activity tracker, like the Mi Band. These allow you to record your activity, among other things, the number of steps taken on a day, the number of calories expended and the number of hours of […]

Review / Review: Xiaomi Mi Band / Xiaomi Mi Fit ...

Recently, Uptobox has decided to literally block people with an adblocker, as for example the Adblock Plus in Firefox plugin! So already there is what complaints about the quality of their service (waiting time, download speed, pop up,…) ), if they force users to see their screens fill with ads, […]

How to block ads on Uptobox and override the anti-adblock

Aside from the options for securing data, a VPN offers other services. The VPN are numerous and very wide choice of Internet users. The choice: the problem user. Before any choice, it is important to know what may be a VPN. VPN or virtual private network, a tool of security […]

VPN for smartphone: use Hidemyass on his IPhone