VPN for smartphone: use Hidemyass on his IPhone

Aside from the options for securing data, a VPN offers other services. The VPN are numerous and very wide choice of Internet users. The choice: the problem user. Before any choice, it is important to know what may be a VPN. VPN or virtual private network, a tool of security to connect online. It consists of a system of encryption of data exchanged for maximum protection of all data private and sensitive and/or confidential. Main1

What VPN for Iphone?

All technologies, the device that we use most is the smartphone. A revolution for those devices that are multifunctional. In the first place, one has all the characteristics of a simple phone. And what interests us, it allows to browse the web. Thousands, millions, or even billions of Internet users currently use their smartphones for surfing the internet. Among all these smartphones we all know "IPhone". IPhone, the best known smartphone of all mobile phones with the best VPN currently «Hidemyass.

Hidemyass on his Iphone!

All VPN that exist why choose HMA instead of another. Hidemyass remains for now the best VPN, both for the quality for the price. We rely on more than 700 servers scattered in 90 countries of the world. Its assets, it has more than 80,000 IP addresses to offer to its users. And HMA have the PPTP protocol ideal for mobile devices, and in this case perfect for the IPhone. A timeliness and reliability provided by a rate of 128-bit encryption. Easy manual configuration that can also see all the possibilities for any setting. Main5

Installation of HMA on Iphone

How to install hidemyass on his iPhone? Here are some steps to follow to do this:

  • Hidemyass sends you an email from welcome to your mail. An automatic mail received after the subscription to a subscription to the HMA VPN service.
  • See "Settings"-> "General"-> "VPN"-> "add a VPN.
  • Then comes the choice of the VPN Protocol, here "PPTP", the aforesaid mail for information about your VPN server
  • Save the new profile
  • The connection: selection of the new profile and enter the identifiers HMA, the same that are used to connect to the site. Then just connect.

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