How to block ads on Uptobox and override the anti-adblock

Adblock-uptobox Recently, Uptobox has decided to literally block people with an adblocker, as for example the Adblock Plus in Firefox plugin! So already there is what complaints about the quality of their service (waiting time, download speed, pop up,…) ), if they force users to see their screens fill with ads, I say no! If their service was worth, downloads were drinking speed, I would have accepted that they completely block those who block their source of income, and in this case, I have disabled my adblock! But initially, they could have put all simply a message, instead of ads to inform people that the pubs were blocked on their site, it would have been much less violent and they would have educated the people downloading on their site! And then subsequently, if awareness not running, then at that moment, completely block! In short, you will understand, I do not adhere to their method, and I'm not the only one! Moreover, even by putting the uptobox in white list site in my adblock more, that's a problem because I'm still stuck… So here is a tip that allows you to block advertising on UptoBox without being blocked by their anti-bloqueur advertising system!   To do this, need you:

  • Firefox (surely you with blocking ad Adblock Plus)
  • The Greasemonkey plugin (you have surely if you read my other tricks, in this case, simply just click on the link for the script to download and apply it)
  • And the script for dodging the UptoBox anti-adblock, the script named Anti-Adblock killer.

  The Firefox Greasemonkey plugin can be found at this address: once Firefox is restarted after installing Greasemonkey, click on this link to download the script that will allow you to do longer be blocked on Uptobox: (click on "install" when the appearance of the new window). Restart, and this should be good!   Note: This trick does not intervene in the unlimited downloads or other form unlock for that, I invite you to read my article on the unrestrained and my other tips.

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