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All our audio devices do not necessarily have the bluetooth, either a Hi-Fi, TVs, headphones, mp3 player, etc… For a computer, it is relatively easy to give a bluetooth connectivity, simply adding a USB bluetooth dongle or changing a room inside. But for a TV or a helmet, it is […]

Test / Review: bottom bar transmitter and bluetooth receiver 2 ...

foreword Nothing is free in this world and Windows 10 is no exception! Windows 10 is free for anyone with an official version of Windows 7 and 8.1 during the first year of Windows 10. In addition to this temporary free, it is also beneficial for individuals in the long […]

Windows 10: How to keep your privacy

What are the torrents? I am often asked what a torrent is. We hear about it, but we do not necessarily understand the system. When I first heard about it, I didn't understand much about it either! It was only after testing that I gradually understood the system and how […]

UTorrent, torrents and trackers (public and private)

Kickssa torrents is a public torrent tracker (download area). It is in some sorts the successor of the late the Pirate Bay. But the fact that it is world-famous, and that its contents are not particularly very… legal, it is continually plagued by attacks, blockades and seizures on the part […]

Tip: how to know the last active address of Kickarse ...