Tip: how to know the last active address of Kickarse torrents?

kickarse-torrents Kickssa torrents is a public torrent tracker (download area). It is in some sorts the successor of the late the Pirate Bay. But the fact that it is world-famous, and that its contents are not particularly very… legal, it is continually plagued by attacks, blockades and seizures on the part of large companies producing content and justice. There is a strong chance that the ISP, your Internet provider, has been forced by the law to block one or more domain names from Kickssa torrents, which means you cannot access them (unless you change your DNS). In addition, Google is also forced to continually blacklist the new addresses of Kickarse torrents…   In spite of everything, KAT (for the intimate) continues to be present on the Web and always in strength! To do this, it continually changes addresses (domain name). The main concern is that when a domain name is entered, it becomes more complicated to find the real site since it does not even appear in Google and the only remaining being simply fake!  

So how to find the new address of Kickarse torrents if it is inaccessible?

By visiting KAT Site Status! (Official site) This site contains only a single page and you list the last active KAT official site as well as the various active proxy! Theoretically, because there's no torrents on it, it should virtually never change or be block!

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