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A world without music is, for me, a sad world. I always like to have my music everywhere I go and if it is possible the best is still to push the sound up to take advantage of the range of sounds. It requires therefore a music station which will […]

Review / Test: station bluetooth Xiaomi

All our audio devices do not necessarily have the bluetooth, either a Hi-Fi, TVs, headphones, mp3 player, etc… For a computer, it is relatively easy to give a bluetooth connectivity, simply adding a USB bluetooth dongle or changing a room inside. But for a TV or a helmet, it is […]

Test / Review: bottom bar transmitter and bluetooth receiver 2 ...

foreword Nothing is free in this world and Windows 10 is no exception! Windows 10 is free for anyone with an official version of Windows 7 and 8.1 during the first year of Windows 10. In addition to this temporary free, it is also beneficial for individuals in the long […]

Windows 10: How to keep your privacy

What are the torrents? I am often asked what a torrent is. We hear about it, but we do not necessarily understand the system. When I first heard about it, I didn't understand much about it either! It was only after testing that I gradually understood the system and how […]

UTorrent, torrents and trackers (public and private)

Kickssa torrents is a public torrent tracker (download area). It is in some sorts the successor of the late the Pirate Bay. But the fact that it is world-famous, and that its contents are not particularly very… legal, it is continually plagued by attacks, blockades and seizures on the part […]

Tip: how to know the last active address of Kickarse ...

When buying an Apple product, it comes with the cable lightning from the same manufacturers. And if by necessity, or loss, we need a new cable, it may face a major problem which is that the cable, freshly bought white label (much less costly than the timestamp of the Apple […]

Test/review: Lightning and Charger Cable car Axxbiz

  Still more It's the credo of manufacturers (and consumers) about the batteries of smartphones, and seen its consumption by our electrical devices like smartphones and tablets, it spits on it. But who says greater capacity, said a longer time to reload. And at this level, external batteries that are […]

Review / Test: battery external bottom bar of high capacity ...

Although the summer gradually nears its end, the Sun is always present. And this is a secret, the Sun is a staple (at our level) source of energy. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the Sun is very far! And so to tame this energy, were found that solar panels to capture a […]

Test / Review: Port Solar load of XD Design

The explosive growth of mobile devices has upset the world until then quiet enough computer security company. The workers are indeed more and more to be desired to be able to use their personal smartphone to perform professional tasks, for a device they have perfectly mastered they can happen. As […]

Security: the challenges of tomorrow

In the world of smartphones, multiple operating systems exist, the well-known iOS from Apple that team than his own appareilsn as well as the Google Android which team almost all of the other smartphone brands. But there are also the Windows Phone, especially on devices of the brand Nokia type […]

The point on the Windows Phone

Many cars now have a kit free hand system that is done using a bleutooth bridge between the vehicle and your smartphone. It is very well to avoid the distraction of the driver, but the negative effect, it is the consumption of the internal battery of the phone. What could […]

Test / Review: car charger Inateck Al2011

When updating Windows 7 to Windows 10, I had the unpleasant surprise of seeing my antivirus and firewall disappear during the process, when I had chosen the option "keep programs, files and personal settings". only protection I had left was Windows Defender. I still do not know if this is […]

W10: How to disable Windows Defender