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With the democratization of the USB, we find ourselves quickly out of USB ports, whether on laptop or even on fixed pc, well that the effect is noticeable more strongly on laptops. According to the uses and preferences, we can easily count 1 to 2 USB ports busy for the […]

Test / Review: Aukey CB – H17, USB 3.0 Hub: ...

A little while ago, I had the opportunity to test an excellent product which allowed connect an external hard drive to this device, a data, and make accessible files over Wifi up to 5 different devices, but also to serve as a router. Only, it can only take the hard […]

Test / Review: Aukey casing for hard drive USB 3.0 ...

Passing on Windows 10, one of the PC of Elsalila had a problem: oddly, to enter the session password, type numbers with the keypad was not a problem. On the other hand, once the Windows desktop is here, bye bye figures! It was quite possible to type the numbers with […]

Windows 10: How to activate the numeric keypad?

While with the technological advances, there is less less wires and more and more connected objects, Bluetooth the headset itself are democratized. We will test 2 headphones Bluetooth of the HUHD brand. It's the model HB – 328 L and HB – 328M. Both helmets very similar from a point […]

Review / Test: headphones Bluetooth audio, HUHD