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Passing on Windows 10, one of the PC of Elsalila had a problem: oddly, to enter the session password, type numbers with the keypad was not a problem. On the other hand, once the Windows desktop is here, bye bye figures! It was quite possible to type the numbers with those of the normal keyboard, but those who are activated with the Num Lock / NumLock, she had it simply in the os, simply, impossible to type numbers with! In itself, this isn’t a big problem because it is quite possible to type numbers with the alphanumeric keyboard, but it’s just that it’s not practical and a little silly to have a digital keyboard and not being able to use it!  

How to solve the problem of the numeric keypad disabled under Windows 10?

  Unfortunately, he must go through the registry database (and so be careful). To access the registry database:

  • Windows menu
  • In the search bar, type: Regedit and click on the given result where it says “Run command

  In the left window:

  • Double click on “HKEY_USERS
    • Double click on “.” DEFAULT
      • Double click on “Control Panel
        • and finally, double click on ‘Keyboard

  Now, in the right window:

  • Double click on “InitialKeyboardIndicators

  By double clicking in the window, it should be marked the number: 2147483650 change this number by the number 2.  


  Why 2? Simply to enable the Num Lock / Num Lock on your numeric keypad. If you wish to go further, here is what are the figures:

InitialKeyboardIndicators value Result
0   Disables all (NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock)
1   Active CapsLock (the capitals)
2   Active NumLock (the numbers on the numeric keypad)
3   Activates the Capslock and the NumLock
4   Active ScrollLock (mouse wheel)
5   Activates the CapsLock and the ScrollLock
6   Activates the NumLock and the ScrollLock
7   Any active (NumLock, CapsLock, ScrollLock)

  A note that theoretically, except the value 2 and possibly 0, the rest of the values will not be used, because this change in the registry means that the change will be applied until the next change of this value. So when you put 2, the Num lock will be enabled “to life”. If you put the value 1 for example, you will write in capital letters just everything and all the time!  

OK, but…

  Some question should probably ask, is: what is 2147483650 because it only not part of the value table…? Well, if you convert 2147483650 in hexadecimal, you get 80000002, corresponding to the number 2, but for x reasons, Windows can’t take into account this figure 2 and therefore does not activate the Numlock… For example, on my laptop or I have no numeric keypad, my touch pad is disabled and my Caps Lock / Shift Lock, I have the number 2147483648. And if you convert to hexadecimal, I get 80000000, which means that it is the number 0, which matches perfectly!   Also note that this solution works also under Windows 7 and 8. And do not forget to restart your computer after changing the value and the posted credit memo.   And here, I hope to have been able to solve your problem!

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    Carla Wilson-Wiltshire

    I cannot get the Numeric Keypad activated on my HP Notebook 15.6 diagonal HD Display / Windows 10 / Laptop