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Regardless of the electronic device, it is important to check the cables to see the quality of the electricity: stability, voltage, amperage: Tip: How to measure the intensity of the charge current or How to check the quality of a USB cable However, for large cables, it is relatively easy […]

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With the summer heat, it is sometimes difficult to endure the heat without outside help: fan, air conditioner, etc… Here is the test of a fan who was personally a blow of heart: the Oroshi Smart Fan Quiet or still the Yu Smart USB Fan VH104!   The design First […]

Test / review: Quiet fan USB Smart Oroshi

The Mozilla Corporation which manages the Firefox internet browser decided to educate users who use its software to be careful when we connect a site to check if it is safe or not. This awareness translates into the presence of a message when you enter your credentials on a site […]

Firefox: How to remove the message "this connection is not ...