Test / review: Quiet fan USB Smart Oroshi


With the summer heat, it is sometimes difficult to endure the heat without outside help: fan, air conditioner, etc…

Here is the test of a fan who was personally a blow of heart: the Oroshi Smart Fan Quiet or still the Yu Smart USB Fan VH104!

fan yu vh104 oroshi


The design

First of all, it's a personal fan: cylindrical shape, it is light, relatively compact, so portable and is powered by USB.

Dimensions of 10cm by 10cm, this fan has the particularity to be controlled by touchscreen touch: you tap once the wall and the fan starts. Tap a 2nd time, and the fan starts at the maximum speed. Tap a 3rd time, and the fan turns off (you can also unplug it to turn it off ^^).

Also the fact that it is controlled by tactile touch, there also a kind of wrist /ceinture in leather. Because the fan is a cylinder, this belt allows to stabilize the fan on a table for example, but can also be attached with this strap in a less conventional location (a branch of a tree, a doorknob, etc…) ) !




Side noise, gives us:

  • Measured ambient noise: 30 decibels
  • Noise + fan at low speed: 50 decibels
  • Noise + high speed fan: 56 decibels

This gives us respectively 20 and 26 decibels by removing ambient noise.

Silent? Yes and no. Say that it means, but that's not especially loud, not annoying.

Note that the firm indicates less than 26 decibels at low speed, which corresponds to the reality, on the other hand, high speed, they indicate 35 decibels while I measured than 26 decibels. But hey, my measurements are made on the ground while they were made in an acoustically isolated room.

Energy consumption

Consumption, side gives us:

  • An average of 0.2 amps at low speed
  • An average of 0.33 amps at high speed

In short, low consumption.


It has especially 3 aspects that I love in this fan:

The first and most important for me is that at low speed, the amount of air blown is just ideal for me: not too much, not too little! With this fan, I'm not afraid to catch cold! I can stand in front for hours without worries! (After it depends on everyone, but I still think it shouldn't be a problem). He refreshes me without exaggeration. At max speed, I already don't like too much wind.

The second is that just touch the wall so it starts, change speed and turns off. Simple!

The third is that the fan seen from the front, with these 2 sets of pale turning, looks like an airplane jet. Beautiful and mesmerizing! ^^ (but not visible on photo or video)


These are the details that make me love this fan! ^^


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